The only way to make my dream of a new life, of traveling the world, is to PLAN, PLOT and CONSPIRE.  Clearly I will need a nice little nest egg to make it happen.

Saving money is not something I do well.I see money as a free flowing entity.  Not that I have a lot of money to just spend at will.  But I have found a place where I see money like sunshine.  It is great when you have it, but I will survive when it’s gone and it will eventually come back.  As a result, I do not worry about my money or my spending.  I live within my means.   Which means I buy NOTHING on credit.  I am already in a pretty good place with my money.  But if I want to save several thousand dollars, I will need to set aside some money and get creative with my spending – to  have more to stow away.

Each week I plan to spend part of my Sunday plotting and planning how I can save more.  [see the links on the right for what I’ve done each Sunday].  For example, last month I started a new spending rule.  Spending Rule #1:  No non-consumable items over $25.   I’ve done pretty well on with this rule so far.  But I am still spending WAY too much money on useless stuff.

I started a savings account several months ago, with an auto-deposit from my paycheck – the only way for me to save is not to see the money.  But I will have to do more.  I will have to save pennies and find creative ways to save and earn money so that I can accumulate the necessary funds.

I’ve read countless articles on how much it costs to travel the world for a year.    The answer tends to range between 14K and 36K per year.  I’ve set my goal on the lower end.

As for my nest egg – here’s what I am shooting for…

for the year on the road
for the 4 months in Manhattan (I plan to continue working during these months)
for when I return (if I return)That’s
seems doable in the 3 years I have to save.

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