. . people

oh the people I’ve met!

annieart Annie and Art.  The lovely hosts at my first WOOFing experience.  They graciously opened their home and welcomed me into their lives for a few weeks.  I had a wonderful time.
melandvinnie Mel and Vinnie.  I met Mel and Vinnie on my first night with Annie and Art.  They were wonderful and returned later in the month for a festive event celebrating the end of summer at Annie and Art’s.   They both played guitar and sang.  It was beautiful.
melanieandalex Melanie and Alex.  I also met Melanie and Alex on my first night at Annie’s.  There were visiting the US from Germany.   This was their first WOOFing experience too. They were a sweet couple and left Annie’s for a little excursion in Miami before heading back home to Germany to continue their studies.
lindalaura Linda and Laura.  Linda and Laura came to Annie’s for a brief hello.  Linda had met Annie and Art on their last Semester at Sea excursion and was now adventuring with Laura in her RV.  They stopped by and I made some wonderful friends.  We took a couple of trips in the city and enjoyed lovely chats.
rachel Rachel.  Rachel came to Annie’s to house sit while Annie and Art were on their grand adventure with Semester at Sea.  She was working across the street and studying for the LSAT.  A sweet, intelligent girl who made my time at Annie’s enjoyable
eleeza eleeza1 Eleeza.   I only have a picture of one of her son’s.  Eleeza lives on the property with Annie and Art.  She is a single-mom, doing an amazing job raising her three kids.  They were all very kind and helpful.
11-staten-island Jeremy and Joey.  These two friendly gentlemen own the restaurant on Staten Island, Pier 76 that Linda, Laura and I visited on one of our excursions to the city.  Joey was our bartender and made a nice twist on the Manhattan for me, and then recommended the most amazing pizza.  Jeremy was in the kitchen and made our pizza, I watched him from the bar toss the dough.  It was one of the best pizza’s I have ever eaten, I will be back to Pier 76 for more!
antonioandandre Antonio and Andrew.  We met Antonio and Andrew at Pier 76 while we were having a drink and pizza.  Andrew is the surfer, blond on the left and Antonio is there on the right.  Antonio was the chatty one.  He’s spent some time in jail and likes his red wine with a packet of sugar and ice.
stephen Stephen.  Stephen was the docent that led the tour at Boscobel.  He was incredibly knowledgeable and it was obvious he loved his job.  We were the last tour of the day and it was topped off with a cookie and lemonade.  Later I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen on next two Tuesday’s when Annie and I volunteered at the Boscobel garden.  He was the one who suggested I visit the Vanderbilt Mansion and the Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt in Hyde Park – they were quite impressive.
hayes Hayes.  Hayes was my host at the Fat Radish Farm, my second WOOFing experience.   What a treat!  Hayes was more than a host.  We wandered around the forest, we drank wine and cocktails, we chatted, it was like being part of the family.  I plan to be back in North Carolina to visit when I can.
sydney Sydney.  Sydney was house mate at Fat Radish Farm.  We had a wonderful time cooking and concocting up new things to eat and drink.   Thanks to Sydney my time at the Fat Radish was delicious!
oden Oden.  Meet Sydney’s dog…who stayed with us at the Fat Radish Farm.  Oden loves eggs and Pork Chop (the dog!).
porkchop Pork Chop.  Say hello to Pork Chop, the most gentle, sweet, smiling dog ever.  Pork Chop fell in love with Oden, it was a delightful furry romance.  She loved to soak up the sun and chew on sticks…but always with the best manners.
kirstie Kirstie.  Oh Kirstie!  She was the Fat Radish!  I know it is Hayes who was my host, but Kirstie was the one who showed me what needed to be done, she was always available to help and more than willing to have a little fun in the process.  I can’t imagine the Fat Radish without Kirstie!
brian Brian.  Brian worked at the Fat Radish a couple days a week.  At first I didn’t think he liked me — he was so quiet.  But after a week or so, and a few small chats he was genuine and kind with his words.  Oh, by the way, he’s a tattoo artist — pretty good at it too.
Cheval & Dana