Sticking with the bourbon and aperol theme of last week, this cocktail is also from my cocktail tour with Umesh in New York City.   This little jewel was made for me at The Gilroy on 2nd Avenue on Upper East side.   Loved it!

Old Pal Spencer

While in New York City I was given a locals cocktail tour by my friend Umesh.  One of the nights we spent in the Upper East side roaming from bar to bar, having a one drink at each.   I had this amazing little cocktail at a little bar called the Penrose.     Happy … More Old Pal Spencer

mystery cocktail

While in New Orleans I searched for a roof top bar to get a glimpse of the city from above.    Luckily there was a nice little bar at the top of a boutique hotel, the Pontchartrain Hotel, Hot Tin, just a few blocks from our hostel.  This adorable little bar is 11 stories above … More mystery cocktail

Vesper Martini

One of my favorite places in New Orleans during the day was hanging around Jackson Square.  There was so much art and music.    After perusing the art vendors around the square my new friend, Jackie and I found a little perch above the square where we could people watch. I spotted the Vesper Martini on … More Vesper Martini

Bohemian Cocktail

Wandering through mid-town Manhattan after a week night show, I ducked into a swanky little place with a woman singing jazz tunes at a grand piano near the window.  I order crab cakes and a cocktail.  Tonight’s cocktail, a Bohemian Cocktail.   It caught my eye at first because of its name, but when I saw … More Bohemian Cocktail