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I’ve encountered a number of artist and piece of art that I’ve admired along the way….here are some of the pieces and artists that have been an inspiration….


dsc_5086 artist unknown

This piece was in this little souvenir shop new the Zion National Park.  There’s a little story about our visit to this place.

This little souvenir shop was along the route of our journey out of the park – we had spotted it on the way in and made note to stop later because they were touting elk jerky.  And elk jerky sounded like something that should be packed in one of the care packages to Drew while he is deployed in Afghanistan.  

When we walked in it was clear there was more than just jerky at this place.  It was quite large and there was a small corner of very common Native American souvenir trinkets.  The back of the store held a large array of higher quality Native American arts and crafts.  Which is where I spied the Buffalo.  Further in the back was a section of antiques. We browsed around and finally made our way to the front where the jerky was on display.  There seemed to be a little café in the front, with fountain drinks a three or four diner style booths. 

We had been in the store for 20 minutes or more – and there was a man sleeping in one of the booths.  We had yet to encounter anyone else in the store and the snoozing man was making me uneasy.  I stepped up to the counter and rang the bell for service – which expectantly startled the sleeping booth man awake.  He jumped up and welcomed us to the store…turns out he was the only other person in the store…and he was the guy in charge.   This threw me off a bit and we paid for our selections quickly and exited the store.  Way to “Criminal Minds” for me..

whiteforestpottery Nancy Bauchnancy-bauch

I found Nancy in her little shop on Main Street in Cold Spring, NY.  I absolutely fell in love with her work.  Delicate, natural lines, simple pieces with texture.