Vesper Martini

One of my favorite places in New Orleans during the day was hanging around Jackson Square.  There was so much art and music.    After perusing the art vendors around the square my new friend, Jackie and I found a little perch above the square where we could people watch.

I spotted the Vesper Martini on the cocktail menu – this is one of my all-time favorite cocktails, when it is made right!   My friend Kristine introduced me to this drink years ago at Jax in Glendale.  Then a few years ago I ordered one at Cole’s downtown Los Angeles….the happy hour bartender here makes the best Vesper, since Kristine stopped making them for me.    He garnishes is with a grapefruit peel and I really like the little difference.    This one was very good as well.

While on the balcony we siped and people watched for an hour or so.  In that short time, we saw at least 5 wedding processions.  It was so much fun!

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Here is a little video of two of the wedding that were parading around Jackson Square that day.

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