Travel Gear Tuesday

As of today, I’ve been traveling for 117-days.  In my first few weeks lugging my backpack around was quite a challenge.  I am now very comfortable with hoisting the bag of my shoulder.   In those first days I was eager to find a few things to toss out of my bag to make it lighter.  Now, I’ve gotten comfortable with my massive backpack and the strange looks of people on the train or on the street – they are thinking “why is that old woman carrying a such a large backpack?”  I’ve even been asked if I was “sleeping on the street” – clearly in my bundled state with everything on my back I must look like a homeless vagabond.  Oh, and I suppose I am – quite the little vagabond I am!



Today I’ll share 5-items that have been very useful and will continue to join me on my journey.  And 5-items that I will be leaving behind.

The 5-items I am keeping in my bag

1.      Lunch box I love this little bento box.  I wanted something to carry a snack from destination-to-destination.  It has been my little picnic snack on the train, a picnic at the Capital with Mom, or at Bryant Park.

Before my trip I was looking for something to transport snacks – that would not be crushed in my bag.  This looked like a suitable solution.   It works perfectly.  It is small, but when packed tightly with cheese and fruit, it can pack enough for a snack and a lunch for two people.

The only drawback is that it is not leak proof.   I knew that going in.


2.      Headlamp


I bought the headlamp for my trip to Belize a few years ago.  It has come in handy when I have to navigate down a dark hallway or a dark driveway.  It doubles as a reading lamp.   I keep it in the side pocket of my backpack and by my bed when I sleep.
3.      mophie Powerstation


It is pretty big, but it will charge two devices at the same time and charges my cell phone 7-9 times before needing to be recharged.   It fits snuggly in the back pocket of my backpack and sized perfectly to stow in my little black purse.    Keeps me charged and ready to go.
4.      Bandanas I brought three along on my trip.  I have used them for so many things…I don’t know that I need three, but I is nice to have a clean one for my face – when it is too hot out or I need a napkin.    So far on my journey I have used them;

  • to wipe the sweat from my face while WOOFing,
  • as a napkin for my snacks,
  • to keep cool, soaked in cool water and tied around my neck,
  • as a wash cloth to clean my face on the train and
  • to sit on so my skirt didn’t get dirty.
5.      Eagle Creek Travel Cubes I’ve used these on a couple of trips.  I love them!  They are super lightweight, and strong enough to be stuffed full.   Travel cubes are a travelers dream.  They keep everything organized and prevent my clothes from falling out when I have to open my bag to find something.   I can pack one cube with my clothes for the day and carry them to the shared bathroom at the hostel.   The larger bags work as a laundry bag when I have to transport my things to the laundry.

The 5-items I am leaving behind

1)     Small flashlight

I had several of these little cheap flashlights at home, so I brought one along.   It is redundant, to my headlamp and it is not reliable.   Out it goes!

2)     Work shoes
I knew I would let these go after my time at the Fat Radish.  I brought them along to wear when I was doing the farm work.  They worked beautifully.   I purchased these little shoes at Target several years ago and wore them in Costa Rica, Panama and Belize, and on several hikes in Griffith Park.   They were light, comfortable and held up well in the washer.   By the time I finished at the Fat Radish they were worn thin and ready for the trash!
3)     Colored pens

Before I left I put together a little “office” bag; with pens, post-its, tape, a highlighter and paperclips.  I’ve used all of these items, except the colored pens.  I’m sure I might use them someday, but they are certainly unnecessary.  These will be left as a parting gift at my New York AirBnB.

4)     Watch

I’m not sure why I brought my watch.  I think I thought I would wear it if I went out – and didn’t want to wear my Fitbit.  In the last 117 days, I’ve not worn it once and I don’t expect I will.  This one will be packed and shipped to my Mom for a time when I might want it.

5)     Extra glasses

Before I left on the trip I would lose or break my glasses all the time.  I brought two extra pair of reading glasses in anticipation of losing a pair or two.  Luckily I’ve not lost a pair yet.  Honestly, I haven’t lost anything on this trip.  How weird is that?  It seems that the less stuff you have, the more likely you are to keep track of your things.


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