WOOFing @ Normandy-Grange, New York – Day 2 & 3

My second day I woke a little later and a little sore.  A day of bending and squats had made my legs sore – a good sore, like I earned it. 🙂    It is certainly a better, more pleasant workout than going to the gym.  I so enjoy being in the sun and out in the air.  After a bagel & cream cheese breakfast we headed out – to find work to do.


This time the rain was more serious – but we didn’t get drenched.  Working in the forest with the towering oak trees above us as our umbrellas, – we were reasonably shielded from the rain.   My feet and hands were soaked through – we spent the morning pulling stilt grass, cutting back berry bushes and digging up other invasive plants.   By lunch time I was ready for dry gloves and a fresh pair of socks.  When we returned to our work after lunch borrowed a pair of Annie’s boots to keep my feet dry.

Annie is a determined worker, she is out there working hard right along with us.  And the German couple, Melanie and Alex kept up their pace as well.  It was another good day of work – we had cleared the little garden in the back of the house and then managed to clear the area around the cow barn on the hill.   The challenge is that the job is never done, the property here is endless.

After a quick shower I went downstairs to the kitchen for a snack.  Melanie and Alex were starting their dinner.  We starting chatting and the time blew by – soon Art’s friends Linda and Laura popped in.  They were parking their RV here for a few days – just stopping by on their big East Coast RV Tour.   Linda was full of energy and we chatted away until Rachel (the next house guest – who will be house sitting for Annie and Art later this month), knocked at the door.  Soon we had a full house.   Rachel mentioned she was driving down to the city over the weekend and volunteered to take anyone who wanted a ride.  I, of course wanted to go….NYC is my favorite place!   Melanie and Alex were interested too – so that set us off on a search for a place to stay for the weekend.    AirBnB, Couchsurfing, hostels…whatever we could find.   I was surprised when Melanie asked me if I would join them.  They were looking for a Couchsurfing place or something budget friendly.   There were very sweet and I was thrilled to be invited along.  By ten o’clock, we were still not confirmed anywhere.  We remained hopeful and agreed to give it until tomorrow at lunch.

I had some wet clothes to wash…so I would be up a little later than usual.  And with all the house guests, a hosted breakfast had been scheduled for eight-thirty tomorrow morning.

Friday was a lighter day than the two prior.  We lingered around the table at breakfast a longer than usual.  With so many folks in the house – there was just more to do and more to talk about.

It was much sunnier than the rest of the week, or maybe it was because we were not under the canopy of trees in our work this time.  I slathered on some sunscreen and grabbed a hat for the morning’s work,  We spent several hours weeding the lower area in front of the ornamental garden, removing berry bushes and stilt grass.

Our plans for New York City were derailed, as we were unsuccessful in finding a place to hang our hats for the weekend.  I was not too concerned, as I have eight weeks of NYC planned later in the winter.

After lunch we planted a few potted plants, cleaned up our mess and we washed up to head over to Boscobel for a tour.   Boscobel is a restored house and gardens, built between 1804 and 1808 where Annie volunteers to help in their gardens on Tuesdays.  Her friend Stephen is a docent; so we had a very personal tour of the house and grounds.   A perfectly beautiful way to end the week!

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