Let The Traveling Begin

After moving Tate into her dorm and spending the weekend with her to settle in, I moved on to start my journey.  Turns out my WOOFing hosts were going to be out of town the first night I had planned to stay with them, meaning I needed to find a place to stay for the night.  A new adventure!

I decided to wait until I was out of the city to find a place to stay – and Croton-on-Hudson, my stop to switch trains seemed like a perfect place.

The train ride was easy.  The station in Pittsburgh was right downtown, just a few short blocks from the hotel.  There were plenty of seats – so I was able to stretch out and relax.

In Croton-on-Hudson, I found an old “motor inn” a few miles from the train station.  Once I arrived at the Croton-Harmon station, I lugged my monstrous backpack down the station stairs and got a taxi ride to my resting spot.

Hudson 01

The “motor inn” was just was you would expect.  A series of little cabins with two rooms per cabin.  I was relieved when the desk clerk gave me my key (yes, a real key) to my room – because it was right next door at hop-skip-and-a-jump to my room.  I was not prepared to heave my backpack on and hike the half mile to the cabins at the end.  Aside from the dresser being lopsided, the room was neat and clean.  Nothing spectacular, a no-frills bathroom and clean towels.  I settled in and read a bit – I wanted to turn on the television by it had been tuned into a local Spanish channel and I was at a loss to get it back to the DirectTV box I saw sitting there.  I nearly gave up, but then remembered – this is my thing – people actually ask me for help for these kinds of problems.  Without Drew, I would have to do it! (Drew always figured out the things I couldn’t).  A little more tinkering and I got the DirectTV working.  Of course there was not much to watch, but I had been successful.

The next morning, I had hoped to wake up early and walk down the street for a cup of coffee.  Unfortunately, I slept too late and was woken up by the maid at 9:30 am.  She seemed irritated that I was planning to stay until the eleven am check-out time.   But that is exactly what I did.  I needed to kill sometime before my 5:50 pm train ride to Garrison later in the day.

My plan was to get a taxi to this little Mexican restaurant, which was next door to a laundry mat – do a little laundry and have a little lunch and then figure out how to kill the rest of the afternoon.

Once I was in the taxi, it occurred to me that sometimes the Google Maps street views were a little old – and therefore the laundry mat I had seen when virtually walking down the street might not be there when I got there.  Luckily, the street look exactly the same as Google Maps had said it would, and the laundry mat was happily sitting right where I expected.

I plopped by bags on the bench outside and walked inside the little café and bought a bottle of soda, then I set up my stuff on the picnic table in front of the café and walked to the laundry mat to wash a small load of clothes.  Fortunately, I could see my things from inside – but as I loaded up the washer I watched a young boy ride up on a Cannondale bike, slide his helmet off and park it against the tree outside and walk into the café.  He didn’t lock up his bike or nervously glance at it.  Clearly things were fairly safe here in this little town.    After my clothes were started I went back the café and ordered 2 small tacos.  They were delicious – fresh and surprisingly good for east coast Mexican food.


After my laundry had finished and I managed to force my things back into my bag, I decided to move next door to a little restaurant called Anton. https://www.facebook.com/AntonRestaurant/?fref=ts

EmpanadaI wedged my bags in the corner and sat there drinking a beer and eating their specialty, empanadas, which was a treat.   I was writing and as the afternoon lingered, the restaurant quieted and the background music became more obvious and I had a sudden craving for live music somewhere….live music on my list soon! The owner, Virginia was lovely.  We chatted about social media and marketing for her restaurant, she filled up my water bottle and was so gracious to let me camp out there for hours while I waited for my train.

Annie was at the train station when I arrived and whisked me off to her beautiful place a few miles north.   We went right from the car to the patio – Annie and Art had guests and there was a little barbeque happening.  It was just perfect!  I met the German couple who were also WOOFing and their friends Mel and Vinnie.   To my delight Annie and Art invited me to a party there were having on the eleventh, where Mel and Vinnie who were musicians and were coming back with more musician friends to eat, drink and play music!  Exactly what I needed!

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