The Road Trip to Pittsburgh: Part Three

We arrived in Chicago just before dark.  Our loaded down car was not fit for the valet at our historic downtown hotel.  We self-parked and hoofed it back over to the hotel with our gear in tow.

The hotel was beautiful, but as the rest of the nights had been, we were exhausted!   We ordered room service and stayed in – lounging on the king-sized bed talking and napping till morning.

I had wanted to take a brief walk along the lake in the morning, but we were greeted with a downpour.  We loaded up the car – thankfully we were without the cargo carrier on the top – and we perched ourselves in the familiar seats and started off.   We were in search of a quick drive-thru on our way out of the city, but unfortunately the road construction made that nearly impossible.  It took us almost an hour to find a place to get off the highway.  By this time, Tate was not feeling well.  Signs of a migraine had started and we were desperate for food.  Subway was the best option – and after a little food Tate was feeling better.  We had ventured off the highway by a couple of miles on our journey for food, so as we used our phone’s GPS to find our way back, but we made a wrong turn and ended up going the wrong way on the highway.  “Oh well, we’ll just turn around at the next exit,” I thought.  It was not quite that simple. There was so much construction that it was miles before we could turn around.  We wasted nearly an hour and a half making our way back to where we started.  Frustrated we now needed gas.  Which we found did in a few miles.

It rained a big portion of the drive to Pittsburgh.  We finally made it a little before dark.   Again our car was too packed for the valet, so we unloaded our goodies and self-parked on the next street.   But the folks at the Kimpton Hotel were fantastic.  They took our things upstairs to our room while we parked and handed me a card for a free glass a wine with dinner later.

Tate and I were both more than delighted with our room at the hotel.  It was elegant and charming.  I have stayed at a Kimpton Hotel before, the Vintage Park Hotel in Seattle was my regular spot for a couple years when I worked at Washington Mutual.   The Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh lived up to my expectations.  It was beautifully decorated and the service was friendly and genuine.

This time we ate dinner in the restaurant – we ordered comfort foods, mashed potatoes and steak, things that would be easy to eat and filling.  Tomorrow was the big move-in day for Tate.

One thought on “The Road Trip to Pittsburgh: Part Three

  1. Hi Cindy, received your card today . My aunt and uncle live near Niagara falls 1/2 of the year . It was so nice of you to think of me when you were there. That is where I lived till I was a teen. Not much has changed around the falls since then. Did you get to the Canadian side. ? Been reading your adventure since pat explained to me what to do. Will be waiting for the next instalment . Sue

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