where else?

As I started planning my list of countries to visit during my year on the road, a few destinations found their way off the list.  Here they are and why.

  1. A bigger part of the Middle East.  I am planning to visit Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Oman, but the other countries are a bit skeptical, maybe Jordan or Lebanon, but right now, I’m sticking with these three.

    Civil unrest, North Africa
  2. Central Africa – way too scary.  I am also skipping Egypt (at least right now), but definitely doing Morocco.  I am heading to South Africa and Tanzania – ‘cause I want to go to Zanzibar.
  3. North America, that’s my home continent.  I have been to most states in the USA (except Alaska, which is still on my “must see” list).  I’ve also been to Canada and Mexico, I would however like to camp in Baja, California – so that will still have to be done.
  4. Central America, I’ve been to Costa Rica, have a 12-day trip planned for Belize and am planning a week trip back to Costa Rica in 2014 with my mom and we’re taking thinking of taking detour down to the Panama Canal.  That covers Central America for me.
  5. Parts of Asia. Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam and Korea.  But I think I could be detoured easily to any of these, except Korea.

A year is not long enough to see everything – sadly some places have to be omitted.  To help round out my travel I have some short trips planned:

I am still pulling together my plans for the year of travel, one of the biggest challenges is determining how long to say in each place.  Now that I’ve found ways to volunteer and house sit while traveling, I can stay longer in some places.  This may make my trip longer than 12-months – I’m good with that!

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