the countdown

DrewFootballThe day my son started high school was the day reality hit me…they will be moving out some day.   I always knew my kids would grow-up and move out and move on, but when they are little with chubby fingers and runny noses it seems so far away, like Christmas seems every year in May – like a far off fantasy.   High school = 4-years, and then adulthood –and my shift from daily parenting to peer advisor and friend.  Of course I had 8 years, because my daughter still had to get through high school too.

This changed how I saw my job as mom…not only did I need take care of my kids, keep them safe and teach them about the world, but I needed to savor every minute and prepare for my time alone.

At that time, I had planned to pack up and move to Manhattan.  And sometime during my son’s sophomore year, I created a countdown counting the years, months and days until I would move to New York.  It was a nice stack of papers, over an inch thick.  I have had this little countdown stack posted in my room on my closet door for years.  Last month, I realized that my plan to move in July of 2016 was not going to work.  Sure my daughter would have graduated from high school by this time, but she would still have the summer before she started college and who knew what she would need or want to do for that last summer.  So I moved my date to October 1, 2016.  Giving me time save our summer together and to help her move out and move on.

Of course this means I had to create a new countdown to match my new date…so today I took a few minutes playing in Excel to create a new one.  Now my countdown is accurate.  I feel much better.

As of today I have 1210 days until I move to Manhattan!


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